There are a lot of jump programs on the market. Most of them are made by guys who are genetic freaks and could jump they way they jump since birth. They then slap together some exercises (a lot of them copied our program), and then throw a price tag on it. They know nothing about jump dynamics or explosiveness.

At BoingVERT, our number one focus was to help athletes – period. We also want to protect your legs. BoingVERT – especially BoingVERT ANIMAL, was designed with injury prevention in mind. Don’t trust your knees and ligaments to just anyone out there. Especially to programs they have only a couple hundred users and haven’t been around that long. We’ve been around 6 years and have a 99.3% approval rating. We are the number one selling American and International jump program for a reason.

Again, don’t trust your legs with just any company out there. Thank you.