1. Can I do this in-season?

Yes, you can do this in season, but you have to use common sense. If you are doing this in season you may not get the best gains as your legs are not going to get the same amount of rest. Also, if you do it in season you need to make sure it does not impact your performance. You can easily over-train and overwork. Being an 8 week program, it is intense. If you do it in season, you may want to skip certain days to make sure you get enough rest. You can also cut the reps in half, or cut the time in half. In season you may not want to do any altitude drops or depth drops. Some athletes have found success with doing 1 full hard vert workout per week in season. Kobe Bryant once said that sometimes it was a matter of just reminding your body how to move.

2. How long to see gains?

Most athletes will see gains after the first week or two. Keep in mind that this program is intense, and your legs may feel tired. When you do your post-test we recommend waiting a week or two before testing, letting your legs recover fully and adjust to their new bounce!

3. How important is diet? 

Diet is vital. We have our recommendations (they are only that recommendations - we are not nutritionists), but you must understand that most great jumpers are lean and ripped (there are exceptions of course). But it's simple physics: if you increase speed and power and lose weight you will jump higher. (Jumping form is also important.)

4. What about body type? 

As mentioned earlier is not necessary to concern yourself with if you understand the dynamics of jumping high. Human beings have been jumping forever. You already know how to do it for the most part, but we can start to maximize your potential by training your muscles in new ways. Regardless of your body type, these exercises will work for you.

5. Is it for 1 leg or 2 leg jumpers? 

The program works for 1 or 2 leg jumpers. It mainly focuses on 2 leg jumpers but there are drills to help jumping off one leg. A 1 leg jumping add-on is coming soon.

6. What about supplements? 

We recommend that you use creatine, either ours or someone else's. Creatine has been shown in multiple studies to help with vertical jump training.

7. How many days a week is the program? 
The program is approximately 6 days week. Some days are full workouts, other days are mini-workouts.

8. How long will each workout take? 

From 20 minutes to around a hour. Each day has a time estimate so you can plan ahead.

9. How important are the rest periods in the workout and rest days? 

They are vital. Try to stick the rest days and periods as much as possible. If you are in a hurry, you can shave some time off of the rest if absolutely necessary, but it could impact your results. During rest periods visualize your muscles getting stronger and "twitchier." We also have quotes and other things for you to do during rest periods, to keep you focused and inspired!

10. What is the length of the program?

It is 8 weeks long, 6 days a week.

11. Can I do other leg workouts with BoingVERT? 

We do not recommend this. However, if you have to do extra workouts - we recommend that you do mostly upper body work. We offer BoingSTRONG which is an upper body add-on specifically made to help increase jumping prowess.

12. I am hurt/sick/traveling and can't workout - what should I do? 

It is best to go back and redo the week you left off on. If you took more than 2 weeks off, we recommend starting the program over.

13. How many inches will I gain? 

Average inches gained are 10.3 inches per user for our previous program (based on user surveys) - we are still collecting data on this program. We can’t guarantee what you will personally gain but we can guarantee BoingVERT will help you reach your highest potential! And we are here to help you in any way we possible can!

14. When will I see results? 

Most users start to see results after 3 to 4 weeks, but this varies. Usually a week or two after you complete the program, you will see your best gains.

15. Will my gains last forever? 

No. Think about it this way: if you increased your bench press then stopped bench pressing would you keep your gains? No, of course not. You may keep some strength, but gaining inches requires maintaining those inches. We have a maintenance program just for that.

16. Do the guys on your Instagram use BoingVERT? 

Most of them, yes! But not all of them. But regardless, each of them loved BoingVERT and can vouch for the quality of the program.

17. Does BoingTINE Work? 

You can check out the studies on creative at BoingVERT.com/supps - but in short, creative has been shown to improve vertical jumping prowess!

18. I am an older athlete, will it work for me?

We have many older athletes do the program, but their gains are not the same as younger athletes in our experience. You should also check with your doctor before beginning. BEAST is a very, very intense program. Average gains, in our other programs, for older users tended to be 5 to 7 inches, but that is not based on a ton of research, just what we've heard from our users!

19. Am I too young to start? 

We recommend a minimum age of 15 - and anyone under 18 years old should get their parent/guardian approval.

20. Do you have a weightroom version? 

Yes, we do and we are coming out with a new one soon as well. It can be found on BoingVERT.com
21.How should I do my skills training and conditioning? 
We recommend doing your explosive training first (vert training, upper body), in the morning, and then in the evening doing your skill work. As much as possible work in your conditioning into your skill work for you sport. We recommend at least 3 times a week getting what we call "4th quarter tired" during your skills training. A typically workout week would look like this:
  • Monday AM: Vertical Training
  • Monday PM: 100% Intensity Game Speed Skills Training (less reps, conditioning worked int) + Pick-up games
  • Tuesday AM: Lower Leg/Feet/Glutes/Core Training + Upper Body
  • Tuesday PM: Stationary drills, form work (that is, lots of reps at not quite game speed) - intensity level 60%
  • Wednesday AM: Vertical Training
  • Wednesday PM: 100% Intensity Skills Training (less reps conditioning worked int) + Pick-up games
  • Thursday AM: Lower Leg/Feet/Glutes/Core Training + Upper Body
  • Thursday PM: Skills training, form work (that is, lots of reps at not quite game speed) - intensity level 60%
  • Friday AM: Vertical Training
  • Friday PM: 100% Intensity Game Speed Skills Training (conditioning worked int) + Pick-up games
  • Saturday AM: Lower Leg/Feet/Glutes/Core Training + Upper Body
  • Saturday PM: Skills training, form work (that is, lots of reps at not quite game speed) - intensity level 60%
  • Sunday: REST
Keep in my BoingVERT BEAST is dedicated to your vertical jump, that's its main focus. So some weeks you will have up to 4 explosive sessions. Again, if you are really out of shape, you may want to do our 3 week program first to get your legs ready. Click here for that free 3 week program22. Does the surface I workout on matter? 

Yes, we recommend doing it on a basketball court, and not concrete or asphalt. Grass/turf is okay but the danger is your body does not become accustomed to the hardness of the basketball court. Your legs don't get the right training and are under trained. We do not recommend sand training.

23. Refunds?
We do not currently offer refunds unless you complete the full program and are not happy. We can see if you logged in each and stayed on the site and finished each workout. Email us at BoingVERT@gmail.com if you have any problems.