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And Receive 20% On Every BoingVERT Blast Off Sale Made.
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Affiliate Program Details

^BoingVERT Jump Program Affiliate system is very easy to plug into your site. It only takes a few minutes to set up an account. We use e-Junkie. They monitor each sale that comes to our site from yours. When a sale is completed you will get an email notification immediately, detailing the sale and your commission.

^e-Junkie will track sales coming from your site for 6 months. So, if the person comes to our site and then returns back at a later time to buy (assuming they come from the same IP address) then you still get credit.

^Once e-Junkie is set up - you will receive a link that you can add to a banner, image or text. This link will take the client to www.BoingVERT.com/buy, and your sale will be tracked by e-Junkie.

^We will provide you with advertising material and other information to promote your product on the site. If you need something special – let us know! We will try to accommodate. (see the images below)

^You receive 20% of ever sale. We determine the price of each unit. Currently, the price is $79.95, but FH Global, Inc. may change the price at any time (i.e. for "sales drives," or promotions, etc.). All affiliates will be informed of a price change, so as to make the necessary changes to their advertising materials.

^To use e-Junkie, you must have a PAYPAL ACCOUNT. It is easy and simple to set up PayPal. If you have questions simply contact PayPal.com.

^Since our product is digital, it is non-refundable.