1) Can I do this in season?
If you do this in season we recommend only doing one to two workouts per week - this program is very, very demanding. It is best used in the off-season.

2) Is this program better for one-leg or two leg jumpers?
The program is for both one leg and two leg jumpers.

3) What if I am currently doing a BoingVERT program?
If you are doing a different BoingVERT program we highly, highly recommend finishing the program you are on, taking a two week break and then you can upgrade to BoingVERT Briz. We anticipate the best gains will be for those who have done our earlier programs first.

4) After I finish BoingVERT Briz, what should I do?
You can do the Maintenance Program or you could also take a month or so off and then do our Body Weight Program or Weight Room Programs. You can upgrade here.

5) How important is diet?
It is vital - ask yourself how many less than ripped guys you see that can jump high? Not very many. The BoingDIET will help you out a lot.

6) If I have any other questions, what should I do?
Email us at BoingVERT@gmail.com