ATTENTION: We are not nutritionists. Please consult your doctor before making any dietary changes. We offer this only as advice.

This diet is a radical diet. But if you want radical results, maybe you should pay attention. The diet is so simple and counter-intutive you may think it is just not going to work, or dangerous. We thought the same thing, but we decided to investigate it after hearing of incredible results. The best way to explain the diet is to answer some Frequently Asked Questions that come up:


What is the CARNIVORE diet? 

It is a diet where you only eat meat and drink water. It's that simple.


What can you eat on the CARNIVORE diet? 

  • Meat: beef, chicken, turkey, organ meats, lamb, pork, etc.
  • Fish: salmon, mackerel, sardines, crab, lobster, tilapia, herring, etc.
  • Other animal products: eggs, lard, bone marrow, bone broth, etc.
  • Low-lactose dairy (in small amounts): heavy cream, hard cheese, butter, etc.
  • Water

What about vitamins and minerals? Won't I not get enough? 


Will this improve my vert? 
Yes. And it seems to prevent injury. Our thinking as to why it helps improve vert is that: 1) it helps you lose weight quickly and shed fat. 2) It gives you enormous amount of energy so you get more out of each workout and each rep. 3) It helps muscles recover faster and therefore, every workout you are able to give max effort. 4) It seems to dramatically improve mood - mood is a quality often overlooked during workout programs. It shouldn't be. Think of your best workout, your mood probably had something to do with it!

Where can I learn more? 

We hope our suggestions point you in the right direction. We will constantly add more information to this site. But here are some resources: