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$120 Value for only $24!

Learn How to Reach Your Potential, and Jump Higher than Ever Before


All of our offers come with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! So you have nothing to lose.

Here's what you are getting




The world-famous weightroom program by BoingVERT. 16 weeks that will make you a monster athlete. Over 50 videos of the BoingVERT exercises, weightroom “Philosophy” Book which explains the research that went into the program
MONSTER, a full workout log to track your workout, in Depth Frequently Asked Questions Section, and much more.




The tried, the true, the original BoingVERT ANIMAL. It is a 16-week, bodyweight program (that means no weights necessary). Once you finish ANIMAL, you can take a 3 week break and proceed to MONSTER. Over 100 exercise videos, 32 page “Philosophy” Book which explains the science and thinking that went into the program, a 96 page BoingVERT Workout Log to track your workout, and much more.

These are auxiliary workouts you can do while sitting in school or at work, that will add inches to your vertical.


This is a small mental training program to help you stay motivated to finish your programs!


Some things that we have found that will help you jump higher - they really are secrets.

You want to shoot like Steph Curry? You gotta check this program out!

Don't Take Our Word For It

From: "Jeremiah ------"
Subject: Re: testimonial
To: "BoingVERT VerticalTrainingSystem" <boingvert@gmail.com>Ive done air alert 2 in high school 2000 ive done jump manual, ive done fjt3, and by far this is my favorite program id give it 8 out of 10 and if I can get 6 inches it will be 10 out of 10. Ill definitely keep you guys posted, youll get a video the beginning of March.
Subject: Testimonial of Elliot Hicks
To: "BoingVERT VerticalTrainingSystem" <boingvert@gmail.com>Hi, my name is Elliot Hicks and I just want to say how wonderful the boing vert program really works. I was alright a good jumper but this made my jumping skills mind blowing. I can now jump higher and farther than before. There's no limit with the right use of this boing vert program. The process is completely broken down into step by step. From what things you should eat to how you should jump. I had to try it to believe it and it's my favorite. You should too.
From: "Joe xxxx" <hussein.xxxxx@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re:
To: "BoingVERT VerticalTrainingSystem" <boingvert@gmail.com>
testimonial:after searching and trying EVERY jump program (literally), I finally found the one that actually sticks to their word and promises a 12+ inch gain because that is exactly what I got! I went from a 28-40 running vert in about a few months, I followed the program day by day and started flying literally after 2 weeks. Overall, BoingVert is the best program out there! PERIOD. I literally got bunnies lol, now all of my friends call me a bunny.thank you
[he also wrote:]
I rate boingvert 10/10 no doubt. the promised gains you receive from this program is unbelievable. thank you so much.
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[and sent us a video]
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Why did we create BoingVERT?

In 2011 we created BoingVERT, because like you, we were athletes ourselves. We often invested in products that just didn't work. We know that at BoingVERT we aren't just selling you a jump program, we are selling you hope and dreams and domination. Every unit we sell, we know we are getting that athlete closer to living out his fantasy of being a superior athlete. There is nothing like having amazing physical prowess on the court or field. We are dedicated to finding the very best people to create our programs, and making sure they meet our standards. We know you are going to love our products as we continue to grow and expand.

We are the #1 selling explosiveness program worldwide, and our programs are now out in about 10 different languages - we are adding more each day. We live to make these products, and if you ever have any questions you can just contact us. Our customer service is top-notch.

- BoingVERT Team

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. Our Product Comes With A
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We are all about bringing value to athletes and we measure ourselves based on their success. If you don’t get any value in this course then we don’t deserve your money. We are all about being honest, straight forward and transparent. That’s why we have the reputation that we do.

This guarantee eliminates all risk on your end so you have nothing to worry about. You can rest easy knowing that you’re safe and protected with your investment. And it is an investment; spending money knowing that it will change your future.

Start Getting Results Now

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*Refunds are only allowed IF you tried the program and it did not work for you. We don't refund because you thought it was a physical product, or you merely changed your mind. If after trying the program for a few weeks it does not work for you, you may return it.