If there were one concept that truly deserved ‘secret’ status it would be the idea of FORCE ABSORPTION.
We keep hammering this, because you see. most jumping trainees and enthusiasts are so concerned on the takeoff portion of a jump that they focus the majority of their time and effort to increasing their concentric action power and strength through the use of heavy resistance deadlifts, Olympic lifts, squats, and so-called plyometrics like box jumps (side note: most box jumps aren’t plyometric at all!)

(MORE ON THIS IN ANOTHER EMAIL!) These exercises can and will lead to vertical jump enhancement.

However, a ceiling of diminishing returns can happen rather quickly. In fact, without developing the body’s unique ability to absorb higher amounts of force in the most optimal fashion, a jumping athlete will never be able to take full advantage of the levels of concentric power that he/she possesses.

This is where the concept of force absorption comes into play and why it is the key to much of what we do at BoingVERT.

YOU MUST GET THIS: The highest jumping athletes all held one thing in common: they spent significantly less time on the ground than athletes of lower levels of jump mastery.

Knowing that jumping athletes are required to tolerate extremely high amounts of force when planting for/landing from a jump (anywhere from about 3-8 times their bodyweight) and that if the body doesn’t possess these capabilities, it would never be able to fully optimize the effects from the stretch-shortening cycle.

THE EXERCISES WE DEVISED go beyond the traditional concentric-oriented exercises like are often used. This is called our SHOCK METHODS. All in all, it can be said that how well we takeoff will be determined by how well we plant or land.

We'll get into how you can actually IMPLEMENT THIS IN OUR NEXT EMAIL!

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Hey Dillon, I just wanted to tell you thank you. I mean you probably get this all the time but I just wanted to take my time and tell you that I am grateful for all the help you have done and continue to do for me. I remember your old videos and I couldn’t help notice how much you have grown in your field. I haven’t met one person that is as excellent in the field of sports psychology but you and I am very grateful to work with the best. Thank you for dedicating your long nights and tough days to help me and others in our fields. Im saying thank you for many reasons but I just wanted to point out one thing. You have broaden my absorption of knowledge tremendously, I mean, you changed my life, you changed the way I study the game and I am thankful for every content you have bestowed me to help me. So thank you.