Your body is smart. Very smart. A lot of research suggests that your body will not let you jump higher than the amount of force you can absorb over sustained landing.

In non-scientific jargon, your body won't let you jump 40 inches off the ground if your knees and ankles can't take the force of landing from that height!

BoingVERT® is clinically engineered to increase landing absorption up to 8 times one's bodyweight!

Our exercises are unique and tested on professional and top-level college athletes.

Watch any great jumping athlete and the first thing you are bound to notice that separates him/her from the ordinary jumper is their extraordinary speed of movement.

This is no accident. Whether they attained it through concentrated training or it happened as a by-product of self-optimization, the fact of the matter is their crazy movement velocities are a big key to their jumping prowess.

The fortunate part of this is that we can train our bodies to move in a similar fashion. We are what we repeatedly do.

Thus, we must train with methods that will emphasize the movement speeds we attain during jumping conditions. We know that with jump-specific tasks we have very limited amounts of time to produce force and move in the direction that we desire to go.

For example, during the ground support phase of a plant and jump, our feet may be on the ground for only 300 milliseconds. Maximum force development requires 600-800 milliseconds in most individuals.

It should become very apparent that speed is of much greater importance than strength for the attainment of most jump-task prowess. Jump height is ultimately determined by the velocity our bodies are able to attain at takeoff.

In non-scientific jargon:

BoingVERT® is clinically engineered to increase the speed with which you take off when you jump - that means you will jump significantly higher. Other programs focus on strength only. We focus on speed, and then strength.

Our exercises are unique and tested on professional and top-level college athletes.

How you jump and move will determine much of your success. It has been shown that all of the strength in the world means nothing if your body doesn’t have the correct movement patterns to use it in the most optimal fashion. Have you ever wondered why you may see athletes who have high mastery levels performing very basic movement skills as part of their training? There is a reason for it: the athlete must continue to put the proper movement patterns in place on a continual basis.

That said, it is has been proven by some of the top sports scientists the industry has ever seen that technique in any sport skill is never constant. Meaning, once we self optimize our jump technique and the corresponding coordination, we can’t be sure that it will necessarily be repeatable. This becomes truer as your physical characteristics become improved. Your technique will be ever-changing. On that same note, because of the vast differences among individuals (in regards to their biomechanics, neuromuscular characteristics, and physical qualities), there will be no one optimal technique that applies for all athletes. This is contrary to popular belief but it should make greater sense as to why this is the case as you continue to read about the variables that pertain to jump mastery and performance.

However, there is a single, most optimal jump technique and coordination movement pattern for YOU based on what makes you who you are. Thus, the BoingVERT Jump System will require you opportunities to perform jump technique days throughout the program to continually give your neuromuscular system the opportunity to learn your proper jump movement patterns.

Overall, maximal effort jumping is a bigger part of the BoingVERT Jump System than it is in many other vertical jump programs on the market. Improper movement patterns not only rob you of your jumping power and energy, but it can lead to great dysfunction and increased risk of injury in both the short and long-term.

In order to optimize jump movement patterns, we must look to combine both neuromuscular efficiency along with biomechanical efficiency.

This means not only will we utilize exercises that put you in a position that orchestrates optimal movement patterns but also do it in ways that will take advantage of your body’s force characteristics. Because of the lack of attention in this regards (i.e. a focus on optimizing technique/coordination) for most athletes, they are currently performing their jump tasks in ways that are hampering their performance greatly. Thus, this new emphasis is going to be an invaluable contributor to one jumping higher. The jump patterns of athletes who are of more beginner status can vary widely as the whole execution of jump acts are still relatively unstable.

As more repetitions take place, these variations decrease and the movement pattern begins to become an involuntary act that requires very little thinking to execute. Remember, only perfect practice will make perfect and take you in the direction that you want to go.