Improve your vertical with our vertical accelerator research. BoingVERT® is a tested performance product, clinically engineered to radically improve jump skill, increase landing absorption up to 8 times one's bodyweight, enhance power transfer time in ground support phase of a plant and jump to a maximum force development of 600-800 milliseconds, and increase transition time between eccentric and concentric actions - all this with rapid onset after the first few phases of the program.

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 A 16 week, six phase workout regimen

 Over 100 videos of the BoingVERT exercises

 A 32 page "Philosophy" Book which explains the science and thinking

that went into the program

 A 96 page BoingVERT Workout Log to track your workout

 Dietary Advice Booklet

 "At Desk" Bonus Exercises

 In Depth Frequently Asked Questions Section

 Membership to (our dedicated program


 24/7 support - if you have any questions just email us!


110% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We believe in our product – but if you are not satisfy we will back your money with 10% more.