In Alphabetical Order
10 Yard Dash
123 Prone Sprint
¾ Court Sprint (There is no video for this)
Air Squats
Alternating Leg Swings
Back Squat
Backboard Taps (Or a Height you can reach with 2 Hands for Touch-N-Go Reps (There is no video for this)
Broad Jump
Broad to Height
Bulgarian Split Squats
Burpee Broad Jump
Burpee Jump-N-Reach
Depth Jump
Dimel Deadlift
Dumbbell Power Clean
Flutter Kicks
Front Squat
Glute Bridge
Good Morning (PVC/Broomstick/Sandbag or Barbell) (There is no video for this)
Hamstring Curls
Hanging Leg Raises
Hollow Body Hold
Hollow Rocks
Jumping Lunge
Kettlebell Swing (Russian)
Knee Tuck - Knees to Shoulders
Kneeling Jump
Kneeling to Broad Jump
Knees to Elbows
Lateral Line Hops
One Arm Push Press
Peeing Dog
Push Press
Rapid Fire Plate Jumps (Rubber Matting can be used. An object no thicker than 2”)(There is no video fro this, simply jump and down from the floor to the plate/mat as fast as you can)
Rapid Fire Toe Touches
Running Jump-N-Reach
Running Box Jump
Running Hurdle Jump
Seated Vertical Leap
Shuttle Run
Side Plank
Single Box Jump
Single Leg Box Jump
Single Leg Broad Jump
Standing Box Jump
Standing Hurdle Jump
Sumo Deadlift
Superman Hold
Two Leg Bounds (Touch-N-Go Reps) (There is no video for this, simply land and jump as high as you can with minimal knee flexion)
Weighted Lunge
Weighted Sit-up
Weighted Step Ups