Reasons to Try BoingVERT®

Reason #1. Clinical research and over twenty years of case studies have combined to create our science-driven program BoingVERT Jump System.*

Reason #2. Just 1 of the over 50 exercises alone has been demonstrated to substantially increase vertical jump and TTT (total-time-transfer) and speed.*

Reason #3. For the first time in the field of vertical jump enhancement, you do not need to take a product for months before experiencing results; every program of BoingVERT® may produce results in 4 weeks or less (3 weeks is not uncommon).*

Reason #4. BoingVERT® is supported by clinical research, and dynamic excerises specially prepared by Shawn Myszka (CSCS*D, SPS, SES, CPS, MS in Exercise Science).

Reason #5. BoingVERT® is made to also protect the athlete against injury. Exercises in the program have been used at a large facility for professional athletes, and members of all exercises, the combination thereof, are design to protect against injury.

All BoingVERT® programs are tested by their individual components. The goal is to have the program produce results in a short time, and increase over a longer period of time or duration. The goal is to shock the system with our proprietary program.

Our processing & delivery is state of the art, and you can have your program today and start using it. Our customer services maintains the highest quality and has been lauded for user friendliness and prompt response time.

How do I know that BoingVERT® works?

BoingVERT's® development staff include university associated researchers, and top collegiate and professional athletes and trainers (NFL, NBA, NCAA, NSCA, etc.). All BoingVERT ® programs are quality-assured.

BoingVERT® is clinically engineered to radically improve jump skill, increase landing absorption up to 8 times one's bodyweight, and increase transition time between eccentric and concentric actions - all this with rapid onset after the first few phases of the program. With a prolonged effect after 4 weeks of usage. Dynamic exercises specially prepared in the exclusive muscle fiber formation are supported by clinical research and have been employed by over 11,000 athletes.

Just 1 of the over 50 exercises in the program alone is known to substantially increase vertical jump by way of force absorption load and enhancement of TTT (total-time-transfer) or what could be called time-to-takeoff has often been correlated with high-performing jumpers.

BoingVERT® has been revised several times over in 3 years to produce the current program formulation.