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#1 BoingVERT Animal
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  • 16 Weeks of EASY-TO-FOLLOW Workout - No Equipment Needed
  • Over 100 videos of the BoingVERT exercises
  • A 32-page Philosophy book which explains the science and thinking that went into the program
  • A 96 page BoingVERT Workout Log to track your workout
  • Dietary Advice Booklet
  • "At Desk" Bonus Exercise
  • In depth Frequently Asked Question

Since the release of the program in 2011 there are over 150000 athletes who have joined the program and got the results they desired. Literally thousands and thousands testimonials of athletes just like you have been sent to us almost daily!

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From: "Joe xxxx" <hussein.xxxxx@yahoo.com>
Date: Dec 30, 2014 9:17 AM
Subject: Re:
To: "BoingVERT VerticalTrainingSystem" <boingvert@gmail.com>
testimonial:after searching and trying EVERY jump program (literally), I finally found the one that actually sticks to their word and promises a 12+ inch gain because that is exactly what I got! I went from a 28-40 running vert in about a few months, I followed the program day by day and started flying literally after 2 weeks. Overall, BoingVert is the best program out there! PERIOD. I literally got bunnies lol, now all of my friends call me a bunny.thank you
[he also wrote:]
I rate boingvert 10/10 no doubt. the promised gains you receive from this program is unbelievable. thank you so much.
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[and sent us a video]
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Subject: Testimonial of Elliot Hicks
To: "BoingVERT VerticalTrainingSystem" <boingvert@gmail.com>Hi, my name is Elliot Hicks and I just want to say how wonderful the boing vert program really works. I was alright a good jumper but this made my jumping skills mind blowing. I can now jump higher and farther than before. There's no limit with the right use of this boing vert program. The process is completely broken down into step by step. From what things you should eat to how you should jump. I had to try it to believe it and it's my favorite. You should too.

#2 Get in the zone every time you play!

  • Comprehensive Training Program That Turns You Into Your Team Leader & The Athlete That Demands Respect All The Time
  • 100 Day Shooting Challenge
  • Professional Game Drills used by Athletes in every Level of playing
  • 15-step Process that is Guaranteed to "Make Your Mind Right" and Turn YOU Into a Basketball "Natural"
  • Get Access To Our Central Resource Center For FREE
  • Learn the "Game Day" Secret used by guys like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan
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  • 5-Mintute Trick Used To Prepare Yourself the Night Before a BIG Game.
  • Things To-Do on a Gameday that Eventually Lead to the a Better Performance.
  • Breathing Exercise To Keep You Calm Wheather It Is Right Before The Game Starts Or In-Game When You Make a Mistake or a Bad Play & You Need Some Calmness.
  • Using The RIGHT Self-talk To Increase Your PPG Average.
  • The "Highly Confidental" Truth about Performance Anxiety that Only Elite Athletes Know - Discover How it Really Affects Your Performance & How You Can Work That to Make it Work in your Favor!

Bonus #2: Boing AFFIRMATIONS

  • One Secret Thing MJ Does When he is Facing Defeat & it Helps him Get Back up Again (Helped Him Win His 1st Championship).
  • Powerful subliminal audios that will help you to Develop Unparalleled Confidence - This audio by itself can
  • Single-Handedly TRANSFORM Your Whole Life So Much That It Is Worth The Price of This Whole Sale Just a Complete Bargain!!
  • Living This Kind of "Lifestyle" Will Form You Into Respect-Demanding Person In Basketball, but Outside of It As Well Whether Its School or Work, This Will Help You Out
  • Learn the power of a "Sneaky" Daily Habit Used by Professional Athletes, According to Them Is The Biggest Cause of Their Success...

Bonus #3: Jump 5 Inches Higher in 10 Minutes

  • 12 Secrets that Separate the "Average" dunkers from the "Elite" dunkers so when you feel that your dunks are "Normal" and "Boring", this will help you linger that feeling and but you on the top!
  • One thing used by athletes like Donovan Mitchell and Dennis Smith Jr, that helps them jump higher and cover the fact that they are not the tallest.
  • "Secret" stretching that unlocks at least 2 of your vertical jumping potential that you can get in 2 minutes of time!
  • Daily "Quick" jumping routine that you can use to maintain your vertical jump and even to increase it, when you don't have the time to do the workouts.

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