Okay, so a lot of guys ask me, they say, why is there sprinting in Boeing vert? I'm trying to go up, not forward. It's a good question, but there's a lot of research that suggest if you improve your sprinting performance, you can increase your verse and the paper we're looking at today, it's entitled the effect of 40 meter repeated sprint training on maximum sprinting, speed, repeated sprint speed, endurance, vertical jump. Of course, that's what we're going to focus on and aerobic capacity and young elite male soccer players. Now we're going to touch on the fact that they studied soccer players in just a moment, but what they found in this study was that just by doing sprints, not doing any weight training, anything else, just sprints, they were able to increase their vertical over an inch and you go, that's not that much an inch vertical to do a lot of sprinting.

Well, no, it's not that much, but when you couple of sprinting with a vertical jump training program, it becomes this catalyst that really helps you develop explosiveness. One of the things you do in the program is we're really working on that explosive step forward. The Horizontal Movement and the program is designed to help with that transition from the horizontal movement to the vertical. We really increased the speed and strength during that during that transition period. Now the faster you're going inferred, the more powerfully you're coming in, especially in that gathering step, which mimics a sprint motion and a lot of ways the higher going to jump. So in the description below, we have the free three week program, which is a speed program and you'll see in that program there's a lot of sprinting involved because it starts to prime the muscles to approach. And when you couple it with the program, when you couple it with the program, you're going to learn to transition from that explosive horizontal movement to a vertical movement.

And here's my hypothesis for why the soccer players only gained one inch. If you're a soccer player, you're not actually doing a lot of jumping. I mean, maybe for a header or if you're a goalie, it's not like basketball where there's constant jumping. Second soccer players tend to engage in a robotic activity and our long distance running, it's been shown in several studies at long distance running decreases a vertical jump, so that could be another reason they're doing sprints, but they're also doing a lot of long distance running and third, they're not doing vertical jump training. They're just sprinting. Again, when you combine sprinting with vertical jump training or just playing basketball, perhaps your verts going to increase far more than one inch. I'd like to do a on this and hopefully we can do it in the next six months or a year. Also, you'll notice was sprinting.

It really improves your first step and I've talked to athletes after they sprint their core feel so much stronger. The lower back, it feels so much stronger. They start to develop shoulders and chest muscles just from sprinting. It's such a good overall body workout that that will increase your vert as well. We've also noted, we'll look at some other studies on this that's printing helps to drop some body fat, which is key if you're going to dunk. We've done other videos on this. Look at the the dunkers that you love the most. They have such low body fat. There's exceptions where guys look a little soft, maybe Zion, but I bet she has body fat's not that high but for most, most great leaper's you can't, you couldn't get a tablespoon of fat off them. Okay. They're lean, they're ripped and sprinting tends to help you develop that sort of leaned rip look.

So if you're, if you want to get a taste of buoying vert, get that free program, three week program below and then remember the full program, we're coming out with the new one again just to tell you guys, Boeing Verb Efh, big F and hops. So that's coming out very soon. It's going to be total body weight program, no weights involved. There will be sprinting involved of course, but get the free program. It's three weeks. It'll give you a taste of buoyant. And once again, please like subscribe, hit the notification bell. We look at the science behind vertical jumping and we incorporate that into our programs and liked to give you guys hints as to how to improve your vertical efficiently. And really we just want you to Dunkin and guy's heads. That's it. We exist to create dunkers. One more thing before I forget. If you guys have any experience sprinting, maybe you ran track and after you ran track, you notice your vertical increased. Well, if you do, if you have any anecdotal evidence, let us know in the comment section. I would love to hear your anecdotal evidence that supports this research.

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