Usain Bolt is an insane athlete - and without doubt the fastest man to ever live. I mean think about how many humans have lived on planet earth - and with little argument he is the very fastest every to live!

So yes, we know he is fast - but how high can the man jump?

As far as we know, it's never been tested.

But we can make some educated guesses.

Now speed and vertical jump are not always coordinated. For instance, University of Georgia running back Keith Marshall ran a blistering 4.31 40 yard dash this year at the NFL combine - but his vertical jump was only 30.5 inches. Likewise, Will Fuller ran a 4.32 40 yard dash, but his vertical was only 33.5 inches.

But then we have Chris Conley who ran a 4.35 40 yard dash and had a MIND BOGGLING 45 inch vertical!

The estimate for Usain's Bolt's 40 yard dash time, according to, is an ridiculous 3.97 seconds. I mean that is INSANE. INSANE. INSANE.

But why don't all these fast-twitch muscle fiber giants kill it in the vertical?

Obviously, it is because they don't train for it. They train to move horizontally rather than vertically. They might be called BoingHORIZONTAL! lol (There are a lot of jokes that might come from that name!!)

So, if we assume that Bolt would start training to go upward instead of straight ahead, what would his vertical jump be?? And let's also assume he is more like Chris Conley than Keith Marshall or Will Fuller?

Our best estimates based on doing some math is that his vertical would be between 46 inches and 51 inches - and that may be low!

Consider he is running the 40 yard dash nearly a full half-second faster than the fastest guys in the NFL! And if the best NFL tested vertical is 46 inches, is it really that crazy to assume he couldn't break 50 inches?

With all that said, there is one major take away for you: over time Usain Bolt got faster. Talent is one thing, but proper training can really add inches to your game. There is zero chance Usain Bolt becomes the fastest man ever without advances in training. And there is zero chance you will reach your potential without proper, scientific training as well - like the training you find in BoingVERT programs. Also, when you achieve proper form (our new form and landing programs are coming out soon!) - you also add inches.


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