Foam Roll
in-place spiderman holds
inch worm
walking RDL
3 way split squat
3 way elbow holds
1/2 dead bug
Double leg hip bridge hold
ankle jumps
Depth drop holds
Eccentric Body weight squats
Eccentric trap bar deadlift
db split squat
supine leg curl
split stretch
1/2 kneeling adductor stretch
figure 4 stretch
pushup position shoulder taps
bear crawl
SL Bridge Holds
SL ankle jumps
SL Step downs
Eccentric Body weight step ups
DB rear foot elevated split squats
SL 3 way touches
high knee grab to lunge
heel up and grab
leg swings
Mini band lateral walks
(if no band) manual clam
Power Skips
jump ready positioning
Eccentric goblet squat
Eccentric glute ham
SL DB Deadlift
Body weight good morning
extended pushup position plank
Alt bridge hold
ankle jumps for height
jump ready positioning holds to jump
pause body weight squats
pause trap bar deadlift
db step ups
KB/DB Swings
pushup position wing
lateral bear crawl
SL Bridge Holds with abd
pause SL plyo step up
SL Box Jump
DB rear foot elevated split squats
pause SL Pistol squats
SL elevated hip bridge
side hip bridge with abd
Depth drop holds to jump (no arms)
weighted glute bridge
lunge walk
Depth Jumps
DB Jump Squat
Trap Bar Deadlift
pushup position alt superman
Weighted SL Hip bridge hold
SL plyo step up
SL Squat Jump
DB rear foot elevated split squats
Reverse lunge
Bench SL elevated hip bridge
Step ups (bodyweight)
SA KB/DB swings
Dynamic spiderman
Frankenstein walks
3 way lunge
Body saw
SL Hip Bridge
Ankle Jumps to sprint
Jump Max Effort
Bodyweight Squat jumps
Goblet Squat
Pushup Position Pike ups
Weighted SL Hip bridge
Lunge Jumps to sprint
1 step SL Squat Jump
DB rear foot elevated split squats
BDWT RFE spilt jumps
Forward lunge
Squat jumps
DB Jump Squat
Partner Assisted jumps

thoracic spine, glutes, hamstrings, calves, it band, quad and groin
be sure to sink hips into stretch
keep legs straight
reach both hands to toes, back leg straight and back toe facing the ground.
forward, lateral , 45 degrees
squeeze abs during holds
reach both hands to toes
squeeze glutes tight

use 18" box, landing in good athletic position
used to increase nervous system
5 sec on the way down. Goal is Femur Parallel to ground
5sec eccentric (set 1 @ 65%, set 2 @70%)
Use a moderately heavy load
can be done in socks on wood or tile floor
keep chest up

squeeze abs during holds
forward and backward
squeeze glutes tight
Single Leg ankle jumps
use 12-18" box, land on 1 leg with knee over toe (depth box jump hold, but on 1 leg)
5 sec down use 18" box or higher
5sec eccentric set 1@30% squat max, set 2 @32.5%

Set up 3 cones in a triangle, put foot in the middle. Goal is to touch each cone (medial, straight ahead and lateral)

keep legs straight
forward/backward and lateral (side to side)
just the walks in the beginning.
5 seconds on the way out

5sec eccentric. Both sets at 50% bdwt
5sec eccentric w/ partner
The movement in the video but on 1 leg
2sec eccentric, extend the hips back
squeeze abs during holds, hands should be above the head on hold.
reach both hands to toes
squeeze glutes tight

hold for 10sec, jump then hold for 10sec
5 sec pause at bottom
3sec pause at bottom (both sets 70%)

Arms stay straights. Hips should generate motion.
squeeze abs during holds
right and left
squeeze glutes tight. Extend one leg, abduct it, bring it back to midline before returning it to the floor
18" box 3 sec pause on box

5sec pause at bottom, @25% of squat
3 sec pause at bottom, minus the blue pad on the box
SL Bridge but with shoulders on ground and foot elevated
maintain top toe straight ahead
use 18" box, pause in catch for 3 sec then jump once

Use 18” box depth
@ 30% of body weight
Set 1 @65%,set 2 @70, set 3 @75, set 4 @ 80

squeeze abs during holds
squeeze glutes tight
18" box 3 sec pause on box
land on 2 legs
@30% of squat

shoulders on bench and foot elevated
Set 1 @65%,set 2 @70, set 3 @75, set 4 @ 80

be sure to sink hips into stretch, alterating spiderman hold sides with 2 sec holds each.
keep legs straight, pull down
forward, lateral , 45 degrees (3 way split squat, but returning to neutral with each rep
squeeze abs during holds
squeeze glutes tight

Give a maximum effort

@55% of bodyweight
squeeze abs during holds, keeping legs straight, use abs to pull legs toward hands during pushup position holds
squeeze glutes tight

Power Skip jump into a 2 leg land
@32.5% of squat

@70% (move as fast as possible)
Arms behind head
@25% body weight
Jump with band assistance or with someone helping the jump