Our world famous, BoingVERT ANIMAL bodyweight program.

Air Warfare was created at Harvard University, it is a 12 week program. Weights are needed. Animal is included.


87% of people who buy online program don't finish them. BoingMIND created by Dillon Freed is going to help you start and FINISH BoingVERT!


This program by BasketballBrain.com will teach you how to DRAMATICALLY increase your shooting percentage. All you have to do is change where you look when you shoot!


Full diet with food lists, recipes, and more. If you are going to dunk, you gotta get the diet right!


Not only are you going to add major inches to your vert, you are going to learn how to hold your breath for up to 3 to 5 minutes! No joke! There are major health benefits to this.


These are little hints we've collected over the years that help you add a few extra inches to your vertical. They are the secrets of dunkers.


Flexibility is key to not just jumping higher but avoiding injury. It is also great for maintaining the gains you get!


The core is the source of much of your jumping power. We added this to improve your core even more. A strong core also prevents injury.


Aside from major health benefits (e.g. improved cardiovascular health and stronger immune system), cold water therapy helps you recover and be more mentally alert!


BoingDGT will increase your endurance. If you don't want to get tired when you play - you need DGT, or "Don't Get Tired.' It is also a great maintenance program after you finish BoingVERT.


This program strengthens the lower leg, and more than that - it gives you a way to work on your vertical while sitting down!


This is coming soon - proper jumping form can add a lot of inches to your vert. Just changing your jumping form maybe the difference between getting your first dunk and not.


This a great add-on to add speed - the speed on approach can really increase your vertical! It's not just about strength.